Reunion in France (MGM 1942, Joan Crawford, John Wayne)

Reunion in France

In Reunion in France Joan Crawford meets John Wayne in a story set in a rather glamorous Nazi-occupied Paris. Wealthy Parisienne Crawford lives in splendor and prepares to marry her industrial-designer boyfriend Dorn. Their idyll gets interrupted by the Nazi invasion, and Crawford begins to suspect Dorn is a collaborator. Disillusioned and forced into a cramped apartment, Crawford’s patriotism surfaces. She gets to exercise her new commitment when she shelters downed RAF flier Wayne, and the two begin to fall in love. When she turns in desperation to her old flame, she discovers he’s actually an important member of the Resistance.

Director Jules Dassin was blacklisted after being named as a Communist before the House Un-American Activities Committee by fellow director and friendly witness Edward Dmytryk in 1951.

Joan Crawford as Michele de la Becque
John Wayne as Pat Talbot
Philip Dorn as Robert Cortot
Reginald Owen as Schultz
Albert Bassermann as General Hugo Schroeder
John Carradine as Ulrich Windler
Ann Ayars as Juliette
J. Edward Bromberg as Durand
Moroni Olsen as Paul Grebeau
Henry Daniell as Emile Fleuron
Howard Da Silva as Anton Stregel
Charles Arnt as Honoré
Morris Ankrum as Martin
Edith Evanson as Genevieve
Ernst Deutsch as Captain

crew details
Director: Jules Dassin
Screenwriters: Marvin Borowsky, Jan Lustig
Producer: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Director of Photography: Robert H. Planck
Editor: Elmo Vernon Composer: Franz Waxman
Production Designer: Cedric Gibbons

production details
Country: USA
Studio: MGM
Year of Release: 1942
Duration: 100 minutes

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