Rounders, The (MGM 1965, Henry Fonda, Glenn Ford)

The Rounders an underrated, contemporary comic Western with Henry Fonda and Glenn Ford as a couple of middle-aged cowpokes scratching together a living breaking horses while they dream of a big score. They almost get their chance when they accept a mean, unbreakable horse as payment from rancher Chill Wills. When they enter the steed in a local rodeo, Fonda and Ford make a pile betting on the horse, but when it tears down the stable, it’s back to the ranch and dreams of desert isles “where there ain’t no grass, and there ain’t no horses.”

The movie was initially released by MGM as the second-half of a double bill with a B-movie called Get Yourself A College Girl (1964), a maligned comedy starring Mary Ann Mobley and Nancy Sinatra.

The Rounders

Cast: Henry Fonda, Glenn Ford, Chill Wills, Sue Anne Langdon, Edgar Buchanan

Director: Burt Kennedy
Producer: Richard E. Lyons
Director of Photography: Paul Vogel
Editor: John McSweeney Jr.
Composer: Jeff Alexander
Screenwriter: Burt Kennedy
Production Designer: George W. Davis

USA / MGM / 85 minutes / 1965

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