Ruthless (Eagle Lion 1948, Zachary Scott, Louis Hayward)

Ruthless 1948

Ruthless charts the rise of a multimillionaire (Zachary Scott), Citizen Kane-style, through a series of flashbacks. Central to his story are his relationships with women — his first love (Diana Lynn), whom he betrays, a debutante (Martha Vickers), and a tycoon’s unfaithful wife (Lucille Bremer), whom he uses as stepping stones. Director Edgar G. Ulmer’s melodrama has a stately rhythm and a dark, brooding atmosphere.

The script, credited to S. K. Lauren and Gordon Kahn, was actually written by Alvah Bessie, who would shortly be blacklisted as one of the Hollywood Ten.

Zachary Scott as Horace Woodruff Vendig
Louis Hayward as Vic Lambdin
Diana Lynn as Martha Burnside / Mallory Flagg
Sydney Greenstreet as Buck Mansfield
Lucille Bremer as Christa Mansfield
Martha Vickers as Susan Duane
Dennis Hoey as Mr. Burnside
Edith Barrett as Mrs. Burnside
Raymond Burr as Pete Vendig
Joyce Arling as Kate Vendig
Charles Evans as Bruce McDonald
Robert J. Anderson as Horace Vendig as Child
Arthur Stone as Vic Lambdin as Child
Ann Carter as Martha Burnside as Child
Edna Holland as Libby Sims

crew details
Director: Edgar G. Ulmer
Producer: Arthur S. Lyons
Screenwriters: Gordon Kahn, S. K. Lauren
Director of Photography: Bert Glennon
Editor: Francis D. Lyon
Composer: Werner Janssen
Art Director: Frank Sylos

production details
Country: USA
Studio: Eagle-Lion
Year of Release: 1948
Duration: 104 minutes

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