San Demetrio, London (Ealing 1943 with Walter Fitzgerald, Mervyn Johns and Gordon Jackson)

UK / Ealing / 105 minutes / 1943

Writers: Robert Hamer, Charles Frend / Story: F. Tennyson Jesse / Cinematography: Ernest Palmer, Roy Kellino / Music: John Greenwood / Producer: Robert Hamer / Director: Charles Frend

Cast: Walter Fitzgerald, Mervyn Johns, Ralph Michael, Robert Beatty, Charles Victor, Frederick Piper, Gordon Jackson,

Highly regarded Ealing war drama praising the never-say-die spirit of the Allied everyman. Based on a real event, this stirring adaptation of F Tennyson Jesse’s official account tells how a group of lowly British Merchant Navy sailors saved the San Demetrio oil tanker after it was almost destroyed by the enemy, braving fire and ocean to sail the vessel 900 miles to the safety of a Scottish port.

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