Sea Hawk, The (Warner 1940, Errol Flynn, Donald Crisp)

The Sea Hawk 1940 Errol Flynn

Spirited swashbuckler The Sea Hawk cemented Errol Flynn’s dashing image he’d created with “Captain Blood” (also directed by Curtiz) with his derring-do as Capt. Geoffrey Thorpe, an English buccaneer battling the Spanish at the behest of Elizabeth I (Flora Robson).

There was no expense spared for the battles at sea and some of the most spirited swordplay ever seen on film. Flynn did his own stunts, driven to the edge of disaster by a slave-driving Curtiz.

A rousing score by Korngold. Koch’s first screenplay was based on a classic adventure novel by Rafael Sabatini, author of “Scaramouche”.

Warner Bros. built a new sound stage for The Sea Hawk, complete with a 12-foot-deep ocean tank. In it were two full-scale sailing vessels, 135 and 165 feet long.

Academy Award Nominations: 4, including Best Score; Best Sound.

Cast: Errol Flynn, Alan Hale, Flora Robson, Donald Crisp, Brenda Marshall, Una O’Connor, Claude Rains

Director: Michael Curtiz
Producer: Henry Blanke
Director of Photography: Sol Polito
Editor: George Amy
Composer: Erich Wolfgang Korngold
Screenwriter: Howard Koch
Production Designer: Anton Grot

USA / Warner / 128 minutes / 1940

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