Secret Beyond the Door, The (Universal 1948, Joan Bennett, Michael Redgrave)

Secret Beyond the Door

Moody drama The Secret Beyond the Door from Fritz Lang is about a wealthy heiress (Joan Bennett) who marries Michael Redgrave, the mysterious publisher of an architectural journal, in a romantic whirlwind and later comes to believe that he’s a demented killer.

Reportedly, Lang had Miklos Rozsa record his score in reverse and then played it back normally on the sound track to add a creepy effect to the music.

Bennett’s real life tragically mirrored this story: In 1951 her husband, producer Walter Wanger, shot her agent, Jennings Lang.

Secret Beyond the Door

Cast: Joan Bennett, Michael Redgrave, Anne Revere, Barbara O’Neil, Natalie Schaefer, Paul Cavanagh,

Producer and Director: Fritz Lang
Original Story: Rufus King
Director of Photography: Stanley Cortez
Editor: Arthur Hilton
Composer: Miklos Rozsa
Screenwriter: Silvia Richards
Production Designer: Max Parker

USA / Universal / 99 minutes / 1948

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