Shipyard Sally (TCF 1939, Gracie Fields, Sydney Howard)

Shipyard Sally

In Shipyard Sally Gracie Fields stars as a music hall performer who takes over the management of the saloon bought by her well-meaning but bumbling father (Sydney Howard). Among her customers are a group of shipyard workers who have lost their jobs, but with Grade’s aid they get them back. The plot is slight, but it provides Fields with plenty of opportunity to sing and amuse.

Made by Twentieth Century Fox at Gainsborough Studios. In the late thirties most of the big Hollywood studios had UK outposts where so called “quota-quickies” were made to fulfil tax obligations. Field’s movies, always very popular in the UK market, were always a cut above.

Gracie Fields as Sally Fitzgerald
Sydney Howard as Major Fitzgerald
Morton Selten as Lord Alfred Randall
Norma Varden as Lady Patricia Randall
Oliver Wakefield as Forsyth
Tucker McGuire as Linda Marsh
MacDonald Parke as Diggs
Richard Cooper as Sir John Treacher

crew details
Director: Monty Banks
Screenplay: Don Ettlinger Karl Tunberg

production details
Country: UK
Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Year of Release: 1939
Duration: 87 minutes

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