Sirocco (Columbia 1951, Humphrey Bogart, Lee J. Cobb)

In Sirocco Humphrey Bogart stars as a gunrunner stuck between the French and the rebels led by Stevens in war-torn ’20s Syria. When he falls in love with Marta Toren, the girlfriend of the French intelligence chief (Lee J. Cobb), he becomes a go-between as the French try to work out a peace settlement. His reward will be two passes to Cairo for Toren and him, if he survives.

Sirocco was one of the first films made by Humphrey Bogart’s production company, Santana, which was also the name of his boat.

Eleven writers were employed to work on the script, with final credit going to A.J. Bezzerides and Hans Jacoby.


Cast: Humphrey Bogart, Märta Torén, Lee J. Cobb, Everett Sloane, Gerald Mohr, Zero Mostel, Nick Dennis, Onslow Stevens, Ludwig Donath, David Bond, Vincent Renno

Director: Curtis Bernhardt
Writers: A.I. Bezzerides, Hans Jacoby
Producer: Robert Lord
Composer: George Antheil
Director of Photography: Burnett Guffey

Production Companies: Columbia Pictures, Santana Pictures Corporation
Release Date: 13 June 1951
Running Time: 98 minutes
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama
Country: United States of America
Tagline: BEYOND CASABLANCA . . . Fate, in a Low-cut Gown, Lies in Wait for Bogart!

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