Sisters, The (Warner Bros 1938, Bette Davis, Errol Flynn)

The Sisters Bette Davis

The Sisters is a soapy Warner melodrama set at the turn of the century follows the romantic fortunes of three sisters from Montana (Davis, Louise, and Bryan) and their husbands, who they meet at the 1904 inaugural ball.

Two sisters have their ups and downs, but Davis marries Flynn, an arrogant newspaperman in San Francisco, who drinks, chases other women, and eventually runs off in shame to Singapore.

In her grief, Davis suffers a miscarriage and then has to deal with the 1906 earthquake. Flynn returns eventually after Davis has found a new life with Hunter.

The scenes of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake took three weeks to film and required the destruction of $200,000 worth of sets on the Warner Bros. studio lot.

Cast: Bette Davis, Errol Flynn, Anita Louise, Ian Hunter, Donald Crisp, Beulah Bondi, Jane Bryan, Alan Hale. Dick Foran, Henry Travers, Patric Knowles, Lee Patrick, Harry Davenport

Director: Anatole Litvak
Producer: David Lewis
Original Story: Myron Brinig
Director of Photography: Tony Gaudio
Editor: Warren Low
Composers: Leo F. Forbstein, Max Steiner
Screenwriter: Milton Krims
Art Director: Carl Jules Weyl

USA / Warner Bros. / 99 minutes / 1938

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