Under My Skin (TCF 1950, John Garfield, Luther Adler)

Under My Skin

In Under My Skin John Garfield plays a down-on-his-luck jockey who steals money from a gambler (Luther Adler). He escapes to France with his son and falls in love with a woman who owns at nightclub on the Left Bank. Eager to do the right thing and raise his son correctly, he decides to run a race the honest way, but is put into a difficult situation when the gambler shows up demanding that he throw the race or die.

The movie was based on the Ernest Hemingway story My Old Man,” which was adapted a second time for television in 1979. In the 1979 version, the jockey’s name is Frank Butler, played by Warren Oates. The son, Joe, who was played by Orley Lindgren in Under My Skin, became a daughter named “Jo, played by Kristy McNichol, in the later film.

John Garfield as Dan Butler
Micheline Presle as Paule Manet
Luther Adler as Louis Bork
Orley Lindgren as Joe Butler
Noel Drayton as George Gardner

crew details
Director: Jean Negulesco
Writer and Producer: Casey Robinson
Director of Photography: Joseph La Shelle
Editor: Dorothy Spencer
Composer: Joseph Amfitheatrof
Production Designers: Maurice Ransford, Lyle Wheeler

production details
Country: USA
Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Year of Release: 1950
Duration: 86 minutes

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