Spring Parade (Universal 1940, Deanna Durbin, Mischa Auer)

Spring Parade

Delightful Durbin musical comedy Spring Parade takes place in springtime Vienna. A whimsical baker employs Durbin to work in his shop. She’s a cheery young thing who likes to sing and dance, and flirt with the army drummer (Cummings) who frequents the shop. Cummings wants to compose despite army regulations, so Durbin forwards one of his waltzes to the Emperor and earns them both a command performance. An innocent musical fantasy.

Durbin started out as teen performer at MGM at the same time as Judy Garland. Garland became MGM’s most valuable star while Durbin was equally as valuable for her new studio, Universal.

Academy Award Nominations: 4, including Best Cinematography; Best Score.

Cast: Deanna Durbin, Robert Cummings, Mischa Auer, Henry Stephenson, S.Z. Sakall, Walter Catlett, Anne Gwynne, Peggy Moran, Reginald Denny, Kenneth Brown, Billy Lenhart, Franklin Pangborn, Edward Gargan, Wade Boteler, Samuel S. Hinds, Leon Belasco, Eddie Acuff, John Banner, George O’Hanlon, Morgan Wallace, Kathryn Adams, Herbert Ashley, Michael Audley, Frank Austin, Polly Bailey, Vangie Beilby, Stanley Blystone, Harry C. Bradley, Jack Chefe, Dora Clement, Polly Connell, Virginia Engels, William Gould, Ernest Grooney, Grace Hayle, Herbert Heywood, Fay Holderness, Aubrey Mather, Eric Mayne, Gene Morgan, Tony Paton, Frank Sully, Henry Victor, Douglas Wood

Director: Henry Koster
Screenwriters: Felix Jackson, Bruce Manning
Original Story: Ernst Marischka
Composers: Gus Kahn, Charles Previn
Director of Photography: Joseph A. Valentine

Production Companies: Universal Pictures
Release Date: 27 September 1940
Running Time: 89 minutes
Genres: Comedy, Music
Country: United States of America
Tagline: LIVE, LAUGH and LOVE! With a Dancing, Romancing Deanna!

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