Step Lively (RKO 1944, Frank Sinatra, George Murphy)

Step Lively Frank Sinatra RKO 1944

Frank Sinatra makes it to the top of the credits in Step Lively, a musical version of the Broadway chestnut “Room Service” (also the basis of the 1938 Marx Brothers film). When Sinatra follows up on the script and money he sent to producer George Murphy, he discovers the impresario rehearsing another show in his hotel room, a show paid for with Sinatra’s money.

Eugene Pallette offers backing from a mystery Broadway angel if his protegee Anne Jeffreys gets the lead. Meanwhile, the bills are mounting and hotel boss Adolphe Menjou wants his money. Sinatra sings Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne songs, including “As Long as There’s Music,” “Come Out, Come Out,” and “Where Does Love Begin.”

Step Lively was Frank Sinatra’s second film for RKO and his last for the studio before going under contract to MGM.

Academy Award Nomination for Best (Black-and-White) Art Direction.

Cast: Frank Sinatra, George Murphy, Adolphe Menjou, Gloria de Haven, Anne Jeffreys, Walter Slezak, Eugene Pallette

Director: Tim Whelan
Producer: Robert Fellows
Original Story: Allen Boretz, John Murray
Director of Photography: Robert De Grasse
Editor: Gene Milford
Screenwriters: Warren Duff, Peter Milne
Production Designers: Carroll Clark, Albert S. D’Agostino

USA / RKO / 88 minutes / 1944

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