Story of Alexander Graham Bell, The (TCF 1939, Don Ameche, Henry Fonda)

Story of Alexander Graham Bell

Don Ameche became forever associated with his role in The Story of Alexander Graham Bell, a straightforward biopic of the inventor of the telephone.

The movie recounts the story of the Scottish immigrant who comes to America to work with the deaf, including Young, his future wife and the comely daughter of rich Charles Coburn. While continuing his work with the deaf, Ameche gets backing from his father-in-law to perfect a device that would transmit voices over Western Union’s telegraph lines. Henry Fonda plays his assistant, Watson.

Don Ameche became so identified with the title role that “Ameche” became accepted slang for the telephone. In Ball of Fire (1941), Barbara Stanwyck’s character refers to the phone as “the Ameche.

Cast: Don Ameche, Spring Byington, Charles Coburn, Henry Fonda, Jonathan Hale, Gene Lockhart, Loretta Young

Director: Irving Cummings
Producer: Kenneth MacGowan
Original Story: Ray Harris
Director of Photography: Leon Shamroy
Editor: Walter Thompson
Screenwriter: Lamar Trotti

USA / Twentieth Century Fox / 97 minutes / 1939

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