Suzy (MGM 1936, Jean Harlow, Cary Grant)

In Suzy, chorus girl Jean Harlow weds inventor Franchot Tone, but before they can have a honeymoon, a spy (Benita Hume) shoots Tone. Harlow flees to Paris thinking Tone is dead, though he’s only wounded. There she becomes involved with and marries dashing WWI aviator Cary Grant, who refuses to give up his dalliances, one of which is with Hume. The spy plot and the tangled amours come unraveled when Tone solicits Grant to fly his experimental plane. The only screen pairing of Harlow and Grant.

When he made Suzy, Franchot Tone (Terry Moore) had just married Joan Crawford, in what was the beginning of a four-year union that Variety would describe as “tempestuous”.

Academy Award Nomination for Best Song (“Did I Remember”).

Suzy Jean Harlow Cary Grant

Jean Harlow as Suzy Trent
Franchot Tone as Terry Moore
Cary Grant as Andre Charville
Lewis Stone as Baron Charville
Benita Hume as Diane Eyrelle
Reginald Mason as Captain Barsanges
Inez Courtney as Maisie
Greta Meyer as Mrs. Schmidt
David Clyde as ‘Knobby’
Christian Rub as ‘Pop’ Gaspard
George Spelvin as Gaston
Una O’Connor as Landlady
Theodore von Eltz as Revue Producer
Dennis Morgan as Lieutenant

crew details
Director: George Fitzmaurice
Producer: Maurice Revnes
Director of Photography: Ray June
Editor: George Boemler
Composer: William Axt, Dr.
Screenwriters: Alan Campbell, Lenore J. Coffee, Horace Jackson, Dorothy Parker
Production Designers: Cedric Gibbons,

production details
Country: USA
Network and Production Companies: MGM
Year of Release: 1936
Duration: 93 minutes

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