Sweeney 2 (EMI 1978, John Thaw, Dennis Waterman)

In Sweeney 2 , the second and final big screen outing for Regan and Carter, sees the boys from the The Flying Squad on the trail of a gang of deadly armed robbers. They don’t care who gets hurt and will even kill their own if they get injured. Regan, thanks to a word with his former governor Jupp (now in prison on corruption charges), learns that the gang are based in Malta and only return to the UK to carry out their raids. This of course gives Regan and Carter the chance for a couple of days abroad.

The Sweeney Two Nigel Hawthorne

Regan’s TV boss Frank Haskins isn’t in either of the Sweeney movies. Here the man in charge is Dilke played by Nigel Hawthorne.

The hard tone of the movie fits into the general harder edge of the fourth season (the movie was made just before the fourth season). It gets pretty full on at times. Like the first movie there is added sex and violence to set it apart from the series. To show this is the big screen Carter and Regan drop the big F on a couple of occasions, something that was a complete no no on TV at the time.

As in the first movie there are lots of familiar faces, although Haskins is once again conspicuous by his absence.

The theme music is completely dodgy though, a disco style mish-mash of an American show and The Stud.

classic quote
“You’re client is so bent it’s been impossible to hang his picture straight on the wall for the last 12 months.”

The Sweeney Two

The Malta angle gave Regan and Carter the chance to get away for a couple of days.

John Thaw as Det. Insp. Jack Regan
Dennis Waterman as Det. Sgt. George Carter
Denholm Elliott as Jupp
Ken Hutchison as Hill
Anna Gaël as Mrs. Hill
Barry Stanton as Big John
John Flanagan as Willard
David Casey as Goodyear
Derrick O’Connor as Llewellyn
John Alkin as Det. Sgt. Tom Daniels
James Warrior as Det. Con. Jellyneck
Guy Standeven as Logan – Bank Manager
Brian Gwaspari as White
Frederick Treves as McKyle
Johnny Shannon as Harry – Villain
Clifford Kershaw as Gloria’s Father
Toby Salaman as Doctor
Nigel Hawthorne as Dilke
Lewis Fiander as Gorran
Anna Nygh as Shirley Hicks
Michael J. Jackson as Soames
Lynn Dearth as Mrs. White
Fiona Mollison as Mrs. Haughton
Sarah Atkinson as Mrs. Mead
John Lyons as Mead
Brian Hall as Haughton
Matthew Scurfield as Jefferson
Gareth Milne as Bank Teller
Sebastian Witkin as Skateboarder
Hubert Rees as Bank Manager
George Innes as Pete Beale
Roddy McMillan as Collie
Michael O’Hagan as Doyle
Arthur Cox as Detective
Georgina Hale as Switchboard Girl
Patrick Malahide as Major Conway
Max Mason as SPG Constable
Frank Coda as Commissionaire
Yvon Doval as Mr. Mahmoun
Jim McManus as Barman
John Vine as PC
David Gillies as PC
Seretta Wilson as Girl
Diana Weston as Air Hostess
George Mikell as Superintendent
Marc Zuber as Andy
Joe Zammit-Cardona as Customs Official
Leon Lissek as Cardona Alexandros
Marilyn Finlay as School Teacher
Seymour Matthews as Harry – Fingerprint Man
Stefan Gryff as Nino
Michael Scholes as Boy in Bed
Mary Tamm as Girl in Bed (Uncredited)
Danny Rae as Taxi Driver
Rosario Serrano as Mrs. Konstantikis
Eamonn Jones as Barman
Alan Ross as Fiddle

crew details
Director: Tom Clegg
Writer: Troy Kennedy-Martin
Director of Photography: Dusty Miller
Editor: Chris Burt
Stunt Arranger: Peter Brayham

production details
Country: UK
Network and Production Companies: EMI – Euston
Year of Release: 1978
Duration: 104 minutes

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