Tales of Manhattan (TCF 1942, W.C.Fields, Rita Hayworth)

Thirteen screenwriters (including Ben Hecht, Donald Ogden Stewart, and even an uncredited Buster Keaton) and a long list of stars come together for episodic narrative Tales of Manhattan about the path a tailcoat takes from swanky Manhattan soirees to scarecrow tatters and the effects it has on each owner.

The stories range from comedic to touching to ironic, dealing with various issues such as love and passion, crime and punishment. A W.C. Fields sequence was deleted because producers felt the comic scene–in which Fields spikes the punch at a temperance meeting–was not consistent with the more dramatic sections. The scene was reinstated in 1996.

Cast: Charles Boyer, W. C. Fields, Henry Fonda, Rita Hayworth, Charles Laughton, Thomas Mitchell, Edward G. Robinson, Ginger Rogers, George Sanders,

Director: Julien Duvivier

Producers: Boris Morros, Sam Spiegel

Tales of Manhattan

Director of Photography: Joseph Walker

Composer: Sol Kaplan

Screenwriters: Edmund Beloin, Henry Blankfort, Alan Campbell, Ladislaus Fodor, Laszlo Gorog, Ben Hecht, Samuel Hoffenstein, Buster Keaton, Ferenc Molnar, William Morrow, Donald Ogden Stewart, Lamar Trotti, Laszlo Vadnay

Production Designer: Richard Day, Boris Leven

Costume Designer: Irene

Set Designer: Thomas Little

USA / Twentieth Century Fox / 118 minutes / 1942

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