Tell Me a Riddle (Filmways 1980, Melvyn Douglas, Lila Kedrova)

Tell Me A Riddle 1980

Based on the touching Tillie Olsen novella, Tell Me a Riddle was the directorial debut of actress Lee Grant. An elderly couple (Melvyn Douglas and Lila Kedrova) make their final journey across the United States after the wife discovers she is dying of a terminal illness. Their disappointing forty-year marriage takes on new meaning when they reach their granddaughter in San Francisco. Powerful performances by Douglas and Kedrova.

Lee Grant first gained fame as an actress in films like Detective Story (1952), The Landlord (1970) and Shampoo (1975) and TV’s Peyton Place. The year after Tell Me A Riddle was released Grant directed the Oscar-winning documentary Down and Out in America (1986).

Melvyn Douglas as David
Lila Kedrova as Eva
Brooke Adams as Jeannie
Dolores Dorn as Vivi
Bob Elross as Sammy
Jon Harris as Mathew
Zalman King as Paul
Winifred Mann as Hannah
Peter Owens as Phil
Deborah Sussel as Nancy
Lili Valenty as Mrs. Mays
Nora Heflin as Young Eva
Peter Coyote as Young David
Nora Bendich as Lisa
Robert Behling as Tim

crew details
Director: Lee Grant
Producers: Mindy Affrime, Rachel Lyon, Susan O’Connell
Director of Photography: Fred Murphy
Editor: Suzanne Pettit
Composer: Sheldon Shkolnik
Screenwriters: Joyce Eliason, Alev Lytle
Art Director: Peter Schindler

production details
Country: USA
Network and Production Companies: Filmways
Year of Release: 1980
Duration: 94 minutes

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