There’s No Business Like Show Business (TCF 1954, Marilyn Monroe, Ethel Merman)

There's No Business Like Show Business

Pinnacle of the Fox Technicolor backstage musical, There’s No Business Like Show Business features Berlin songs and a signature role by Ethel Merman.

Dan Dailey and Merman expand their vaudeville act as they add kids. O’Connor and Gaynor join the family troupe and encounter romantic trials as they get older. Donald O’Connor falls for aspiring singer, Marilyn Monroe and she joins the show; Mitzi Gaynor meets a lyricist (Hugh O’Brian).

When O’Connor and Dailey have a falling out, Merman carries on alone, but Gaynor brings everyone back for the rousing rendition of the title song. The tunes include the famous title song as well as “Remember,” “Heat Wave,” “When the Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves for Alabam’,” “Let’s Have Another Cup of Coffee,” and “Play a Simple Melody.”

After completing There’s No Business Like Show Business, Marilyn Monroe refused to do any more musical comedies, which she considered a waste of time. In response, Twentieth Century Fox suspended her.

Academy Award Nominations: Best Motion Picture Story; Best Scoring of a Musical Picture; Best (Color) Costume Design.

Cast: Marilyn Monroe, Ethel Merman, Hugh O’Brian, Donald O’Connor, Dan Dailey, Mitzi Gaynor,

Director: Walter Lang
Producer: Sol C. Siegel
Director of Photography: Leon Shamroy
Editor: Robert Simpson
Composer: Irving Berlin
Screenwriter: Phoebe Ephron, Henry Ephron
Art Director: Alfred Newman

USA / Twentieth Century Fox / 117 minutes / 1954

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