Three Faces West (Republic 1940, John Wayne, Charles Coburn)

Three Faces West

In Three Faces West, an original blend of Western melodrama and anti-Nazi moralizing, an Austrian refugee doctor (Charles Coburn) helps John Wayne aid a group of Dust Bowl farmers who are struggling to survive in the Pacific Northwest. Wayne romances the doctor’s daughter, Sigrid Gurie, who pines for her lost Austrian love.

Bernard Vorhaus, director of Three Faces West, was later blacklisted. Ironically, the films star, John Wayne, was a ringleader of the blacklist as president of the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals.

Cast: John Wayne, Charles Coburn, Sigrid Gurie,

Director: Bernard Vorhaus
Producer: Sol C. Siegel
Director of Photography: John Alton
Editor: William Morgan
Composer: Victor Young
Screenwriters: Doris Anderson, F. Hugh Herbert, Joseph Moncure March, Samuel Ornitz
Art Director: John Victor MacKay

USA / Republic / 80 minutes / 1940

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