Thunder on the Hill (Universal 1951, Claudette Colbert, Ann Blyth)

In Thunder on the Hill, a monstrous storm traps this mystery thriller’s participants inside a convent situated high above a badly flooded British town. Villagers seeking shelter within the convent’s walls are joined by a nun (Claudette Colbert), the convent doctor (Robert Douglas), the doctor’s wife (Anne Crawford), and a woman set to hang (Ann Blyth) for the murder of her brother. The nun senses that the woman is innocent, and as rain and thunder smash against the sanctuary, she sets out to solve the crime. A less-melodramatic but still stylish Sirk effort.

In the movie Claudette Colbert plays a nun. Her screen attire may have been a stretch for Colbert: she originally wanted to be a fashion designer.

Thunder on the Hill

Cast: Claudette Colbert, Ann Blyth, Robert Douglas, Anne Crawford, Philip Friend, Gladys Cooper, Michael Pate, John Abbott, Connie Gilchrist, Gavin Muir, Phyllis Stanley, Norma Varden, Valerie Cardew, Queenie Leonard, Patrick O’Moore

Director: Douglas Sirk
Producer: Michael Kraike
Screenwriters: Oscar Saul, Andrew Solt
Director of Photography: William Daniels
Composers: Alfred Newman, Hans J. Salter
Production Designers: John Austin, Russell A. Gausman, Bernard Herzbrun, Nathan Juran

Production Companies: Universal International Pictures (UI)
Release Date: 17 October 1951
Running Time: 94 minutes
Genres: Drama, Crime, Suspense
Country: United States of America
Tagline: Six desperate people…hiding one guilty secret!

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