Tim (1979, Mel Gibson, Piper Laurie)

Tim 1979 Piper Laurie and Mel Gibson

A young, gorgeous Mel Gibson stars in gentle romantic drama Tim about a slow-witted young man who develops a friendship with an older woman who hires him to work around her house and yard. Their seemingly odd relationship causes the woman’s neighbours to suspect there is more going on than meets the eye. Based on a novel by the author of the wildly popular “The Thorn Birds,” Colleen McCullough.

Tim was remade for TV in 1996 as Mary & Tim, with Candice Bergen and Thomas McCarthy.

Cast: Mel Gibson, Piper Laurie, Pat Evison, David Foster, Peter Gynne, Deborah Kennedy, Alwyn Kurts, Margo Lee

Producer and Director: Michael Pate
Director of Photography: Paul Onorato
Editor: David Stiven
Composer: Eric Jupp
Screenwriter: Michael Pate
Art Director: John Carroll

USA / 106 minutes / 1979

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