Tip Off, The (RKO 1931, Ginger Rogers, Eddie Quillan)

The Tip Off

In sweet, unassuming early talkie The Tip Off, naive Eddie Quillan is unaware of the danger he’s in by having an affair with a vicious gangster’s girlfriend. He gets bailed out by two friends, boxer Armstrong and his girl, Ginger Rogers.

The Tip-Off was Ginger Rogers’ first film at RKO; she had recently been released from her contract at Paramount, where she’d been little more than a bit player. Two years later she became a star, partnered with Fred Astaire.

Cast: Eddie Quillan, Robert Armstrong Ginger Rogers, Frank Darien,

Director: Albert Rogell
Producer: Harry Joe Brown
Original Story: George Kibbe Turner
Director of Photography: Edward Snyder
Editor: Charles Craft
Screenwriter: Earl Baldwin
Production Designer: Carroll Clark

USA / RKO / 75 minutes / 1931

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