Tomahawk (Universal 1952, Rock Hudson, Van Heflin)


In Tomahawk, when gold is found in the Dakotas, the U.S. Army is quick to build an outpost at the site, but their actions enrage the land’s rightful owners, the Sioux.

The conflict escalates to the point of violence, despite the efforts of a peace-loving Army scout (Van Heflin). A thoughtful reflection on real events, revealed through the shifting perspectives of characters on either side of the standoff.

Cast: Rock Hudson, Van Heflin, Yvonne De Carlo, Susan Cabot, Preston Foster, Alex Nicol, Jack Oakie, Arthur Space, Tom Tully

Director: George Sherman
Producer: Leonard Goldstein
Director of Photography: Charles Boyle
Editor: Danny B. Landres
Composer: Hans J. Salter
Screenwriters: Maurice Geraghty, Silvia Richards
Production Designer: Richard H. Riedel
Art Director: Bernard Herzbrun

USA / Universal / 82 minutes / 1952

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