Tonka (Disney 1958, Sal Mineo, Slim Pickens)

Tonka Disney 1958

In Tonka a young Sioux Indian (Sal Mineo, fresh from his role in Rebel Without a Cause) captures a magnificent stallion but has to give it to his insolent older cousin in accordance with custom.

Rather than see his cousin beat the horse, he releases it into the wild, only to discover it has been captured for use by the hated U.S. cavalry.

Mineo risks capture to be near his beloved horse, and becomes a young cavalry mascot after the horse is the only survivor of Little Big Horn.

Lewis R. Foster, director and co-writer of Tonka, spent most of his career working on B-movies. But he did win an Academy Award for the story of Frank Capra’s 1939 classic Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Cast: Sal Mineo, Rafael Campos, Slim Pickens, Joy Page,

Director: Lewis R. Foster
Producer: James Pratt
Director of Photography: Loyal Griggs
Editor: Ellsworth Hoagland
Composer: Oliver Wallace
Screenwriters: Lewis R. Foster, Lillie Hayward

USA / Disney / 97 minutes / 1958

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