Torch Song (MGM 1953, Joan Crawford, Michael Wilding)

Torch Song Joan Crawford Michael Wilding

In backstage potboiler Torch Song, a typically hard-as-nails Joan Crawford portrays a Broadway musical star who chews up people when she’s not chewing scenery. After all around her flee, she engages a blind pianist (Michael Wilding) as her arranger. He won’t stand for her abuse, which intrigues the imperious star. When Crawford discovers an early clipping written by Wilding, she understands that he loved her then and loves her still.

Joan Crawford dances the opening number of Torch Song with the director of the film, Charles Walters. A former Broadway dancer, Walters pretends to be clumsy in the role of Ralph Ellis.

Academy Award Nominations: Best Supporting Actress: Marjorie Rambeau.

Cast: Joan Crawford, Michael Wilding, Harry Morgan, Gig Young

Director: Charles Walters
Producers: Henry Berman, Sidney Franklin
Director of Photography: Robert H. Planck
Editor: Albert Akst
Composer: Adolph Deutsch
Screenwriters: John Michael Hayes, Jan Lustig
Production Designer: Cedric Gibbons
Art Director: Preston Ames

USA / MGM / 90 minutes / 1953

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