Torn Curtain (Universal 1966, Paul Newman, Julie Andrews)

Torn Curtain 1966

Middling Cold War Alfred Hitchcock thriller Torn Curtain features Paul Newman and Julie Andrews in the lead roles and a mostly international supporting cast. Newman plays a nuclear physicist who goes undercover in East Germany to recover a secret formula. Once behind the Iron Curtain, he and fiancee Andrews have to get out alive. Just okay Hitchcock, but that’s better than most.

Torn Curtain marked the rupture of one of cinema’s most important collaborations, between director Alfred Hitchcock and composer Bernard Herrmann, who had done seven films together, including such classics as Vertigo (1958) and Psycho (1960).

Paul Newman as Professor Michael Armstrong
Julie Andrews as Sarah Sherman
Lila Kedrova as Countess Kuchinska
Hansjörg Felmy as Heinrich Gerhard
Tamara Toumanova as Ballerina
Ludwig Donath as Professor Gustav Lindt
Wolfgang Kieling as Hermann Gromek
Günter Strack as Professor Karl Manfred
David Opatoshu as Mr. Jacobi
Gisela Fischer as Dr. Koska
Mort Mills as Farmer
Carolyn Conwell as Farmer’s Wife
Arthur Gould-Porter as Freddy – the Bookseller
Gloria Govrin as Fräulein Mann

crew details
Producer and Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Screenplay: Brian Moore
Director of Photography: John F. Warren
Composer: John Addison
Art Director: Frank Arrigo

production details
Country: USA
Studio: Universal
Year of Release: 1966
Duration: 128 minutes

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