Walking Thunder (1994 with John Denver and James Read II)

USA / 1994

Director: Craig Clyde

Cast: James Read II, John Denver, David Tom, Irene Miracle, Chief Ted Thin Elk

An entertaining family drama set in 1850. When John McKay (singer and actor JOHN DENVER) and his family find themselves stranded high in the unforgiving and hostile environment of the Rocky Mountains, their chances of survival look slight.

Help is at hand in the form of a wise Sioux medicine man, Dark Wind (Chief Ted Thin Elk) and a knowledgeable “mountain man” who between them provide them with the knowledge and skills to survive the trials and tribulations of mountain life. Among the things that the family come to understand from their new nature-wise friends is about the Giant Bear – what the Sioux call the spirit of the earth and their own encounters with this great mythical being will touch and change all their lives.

Narrated by Brian Keith this is an entertaining family western adventure, which won a Silver Award at the WorldFest Film Festival.

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