We Were Strangers (Columbia 1949, John Garfield, Jennifer Jones)

We Were Strangers John Garfield

John Huston’s suspenseful thriller We Were Strangers follows John Garfield, a Cuban-born American citizen, who is returning to his native country to join his people’s revolution that resulted in the 1933 overthrow of Cuban president Machado.

He and three fellow conspirators (including Jennifer Jones) band together to build a tunnel under a Havana cemetery where they will detonate a bomb as members of the government attend a state funeral. But the family of the assassinated man decides against burying the victim in that particular cemetery and the plot is discovered by police. Despised by both left- and right-wingers, but interesting for Huston’s treatment of politics mixed with adventure.

Based on the novel Rough Sketch by Sylvester.

Cast: John Garfield, Jennifer Jones, Ramon Novarro, Gilbert Roland

Director: John Huston
Producer: Sam Spiegel
Director of Photography: Russell Metty
Editor: Al Clark
Composer: George Antheil
Screenwriters: John Huston, Robert Sylvester, Peter Viertel
Art Director: Cary Odell

USA / Columbia / 106 minutes / 1949

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