Western Union (TCF 1941, Randolph Scott, Robert Young)

Western Union TCF 1941

Fritz Lang’s loving depiction of the old West follows the “singing wire” of the telegraph as Western Union men rush to complete their job so the Union can stay in touch with the western territories.

Randolph Scott, a former outlaw looking for a way back to the right side of the law, signs on as a scout and finds himself caught between his new role and his outlaw brother (Barton MacLane), a Confederate sympathizer. Stirring action, and one of Lang’s favorites of his own films.

Chief Big John Tree plays Chief Spotted Horse in Western Union. He has the distinction of being one of three Indian Chiefs to pose for artist James Fraser and become part of the composite profile found on the Indian Head Nickel.

Cast: Randolph Scott, Robert Young, Dean Jagger, Virgmia Gilmore. Slim Summerville, John Carradine, Chill Wills, Barton MacLane

Director: Fritz Lang
Producer: Harry Joe Brown
Original Story: Robert Carson
Director of Photography: Edward Cronjager
Editor: Robert Bischoff
Composer: David Buttolph
Art Director: Richard Day

USA / Twentieth Century Fox / 95 minutes / 1941

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