This Woman is Dangerous (Warner 1952, Joan Crawford, Dennis Morgan)

This Woman Is Dangerous

This Woman Is Dangerous, Joan Crawford’s last film at Warner, is a potboiler combo of gangster movie and soap opera (gangster opera?). She’s the brains behind a vicious circle of thieves, with the brawn supplied by her jealous lover, David Brian. Concealing her criminal past, Crawford checks herself into a hospital for corrective eye surgery by Morgan.

Naturally, she and the doctor fall in love and she even charms his daughter. Now repentant and reformed, Crawford worries that her past will resurface in the form of an attack by Brian, who indeed turns up in Dennis Morgan’s operating room. Routine, but Crawford’s always entertaining.

In a segment of TV’s Night Gallery series directed by 22-year-old Steven Spielberg in 1970, Joan Crawford plays a role similar to that in this movie – a cruel, wealthy woman with serious eye problems.

Joan Crawford as Elizabeth ‘Beth’ Austin
Dennis Morgan as Dr. Ben Halleck
David Brian as Matt Jackson
Richard Webb as James A. Franklin
Mari Aldon as Ann Jackson
Philip Carey as Will Jackson
Ian MacDonald as Joe Grossland, Private Eye
Katherine Warren as Mrs. Millican, Dr. Halleck’s Nurse

crew details
Director: Felix E. Feist
Producer: Robert Sisk
Director of Photography: Ted McCord
Editor: James Moore
Screenwriters: Daniel Mainwaring, George Yeats
Production Designer: Leo K. Kuter

production details
Country: USA
Studio: Warner Bros.
Year of Release: 1952
Duration: 100 minutes

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