Yellow Jack (MGM 1938, Robert Montgomery, Charles Coburn)

Yellow Jack Lobby Card

Gripping drama Yellow Jack tells the true story of five soldiers who volunteer to be subjects in research to find a cure for the then-fatal disease of yellow fever.

In Cuba, just after the Spanish-American War, Major Walter Reed conducted experiments meant to determine the source of the disease the soldiers nicknamed “Yellow Jack.” Montgomery draws the assignment of being bitten by infected mosquitoes. This effectively captures the soldiers’ sacrifice for their fellow man.

Yellow Jack was adapted from a play written by Sidney Howard. The role of John O’Hara, played by Robert Montgomery in the film, was originated by James Stewart onstage.

Cast: Robert Montgomery, Henry O’Neill, Janet Beecher, Charles Coburn, Andy Devine, William Henry, Lewis Stone

Director: George B. Seitz
Producer: Jack Cummings
Director of Photography: Lester White
Editor: Blanche Sewell
Composer: William Axt, Dr.
Screenwriters: Edward Chodorov, Paul DeKruif, Sidney Howard

USA / MGM / 1938

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