You Must Be Joking (1965, Terry-Thomas, Lionel Jeffries)

You Must Be Joking 1965

In You Must Be Joking a somewhat original army psychologist (TERRY-THOMAS) seeks to discover what makes the ideal soldier. He puts a chosen group of men through a series of initiative tests which he believes to be fool-proof. But he has reckoned without the cream of English film comedy players of the 1960s.

Long before those Charles Bronson vehicles of the 1970s, Michael Winner was a perfectly competent director of conventional English comedies. Indeed, he began working, most often as a writer-director, as long ago as 1960. This is one such, his tenth already, and it scores reasonably steadily in a familiar field. Men of Winner’s and his actors’ generation never quite got over the thrill of doing National Service and, while the regular army is the setting here, the pro-am version is what really informs it.

UK / 1965

Director: Michael Winner
Writer: Alan Hackney after his story with Michael Winner

Cast: Michael Callan, Terry-Thomas, Lionel Jeffries, Gabriella Licudi, Denholm Elliott, Lee Montague, Bernard Cribbins, Wilfrid Hyde-White, James Robertson Justice, Richard Wattis, James Villiers

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