Alistair Maclean novels to be adapted for TV

Alistair Maclean

Indie company Dancing Ledge Productions have managed to snag the TV rights to a number of novels by action thriller legend Alistair Maclean.

Throughout the sixties and seventies Maclean’s novels especially The Guns of Navarone, Ice Station Zebra and Where Eagles Dare were regularly made into big budget movies.

Dancing Ledge boss Laurence Bowen secured the deal with Harper Collins and the first of Maclean’s books to be adapted will be San Andreas. One of his lesser known works San Andreas is set on a hospital ship during world war II. Other novels will also be getting the adaptation treatment and the plan is to run them as high-profile event mini-series.

Bowen said: “We are lucky to be living and working in a golden age of television drama with a huge demand internationally for high end adaptations and TV events that can be channel defining. I doubt there are many bookshelves in the U.K. that don’t have at least one Alistair Maclean thriller, so the opportunity to work with HarperCollins to adapt a number of them for screen is incredibly exciting. If you then add a writer with the talent of Tony Marchant to the mix, we have a wonderful marriage of nail biting action and emotional complexity.”

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