Anne of Green Gables Actor Jonathan Crombie Dies aged 48

Sad to report that Jonathan Crombie who played Gilbert Blythe in the classic Canadian version of Anne of Green Gables has died from a brain hemorrhage. He was only 48.

His sited Carrie told the CBC “He was funny, he was sweet, he loved acting, he loved comedy and singing and dancing. As a little kid, he just loved Broadway shows and all of that kind of stuff and would sing and dance in the living room.”

Jonathan was most recently seen in an episode of The Good Wife.

Megan Follows remember Jonathan saying “truly I just remember at times just laughing so hard that you’d just be crying. He was so playful and silly and as I said really bright, so his humour was always informed with that, which made him even funnier. He had that beautiful face. He was a lot of fun he was very open so you just felt he was someone who really wanted to play and it really was a new experience for him. We were all just in it to do the best that we could and we had a lot of fun.” 

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