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Channel 9: Hot Seat breaks the $30 million barrier and new set design

An important milestone, according to Channel 9 at least, is about to reached on their early evening weeknight quiz show Millionaire Hot Seat. The total cash given away is about to hit the $30 million mark. An impressive figure to be sure – earlier this month Gerard Lane walked away with a nice $541,000 – the largest amount won thus far.

Meanwhile of the 7000 contestants who have appeared on the show 17 have won over a quarter of a million dollars and 7 have won $100,000.

This week also sees the debut of a new lifeline called The Switch and a revamp of the whole Millionaire Hot Seat set. The Switch offers contestants the option to switch their final question.

Millionaire Hot Seat airs weeknights at 5.30pm on Channel 9 and is hosted by Eddie McGuire.

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