Channel 9: House Husbands still pulling them in… series four ratings bonanza.

Channel 9 are feeling the love for their hit drama House Husbands at the moment, final figures are in for the fourth season with numbers topping out at an average of 1.363 MILLION VIEWERS per episode.

On overnight viewing figures, each episode secured an average national (5 City Metro and Regional combined) audience of 1.041 million viewers.

But overnight figures only accounted for 76% of total viewing of the program, with a further 322,000 viewers electing to watch the program by other means and at other times.

Time-shifted viewing accounted for 17% of total viewing, with an average of 227,000 viewers per episode choosing to record the program and watch it back in the seven days after its first screening.

An additional average audience of 54,000 exclusive viewers chose to watch the long-running series in encore episodes screened in the days following its initial broadcast.

A further 3% of the total viewing audience came by way of long-form online video views through Nine’s ‘9Jump-In’ platform, available on computers, smartphones and tablets. An average of 40,000 viewers watched each episode of House Husbands series four in this way.

Michael Healy, Director of Television for the Nine Network said: “Results such as this for House Husbands demonstrate free-to-air television, and in particular, home-grown content, is thriving. A quarter of all viewing is done on devices other than the television and at times other than the live broadcast. Nine is committed to investing in local content and continuing to make it available to audiences when and how they want it.”

The finale of series four was highest rating episode of the year with an average audience of 1.507 million. Of those, 1.153 million watched it live; 232,000 recorded it and watched it back on their televisions in the week after broadcast; 89,000 watched an encore screening; and 32,000 watched it by way of long-form video on 9Jump-In.

Source: Oztam and Regional Tam Consolidated Data. House Husbands 10/08/15-17/10/15. Encore is exclusive audience. Long form averages sourced from Brightcove.

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