Channel 9: McLeod’s Daughter Back For Year 7

Australia’s best loved drama series, McLEOD’S DAUGHTERS will return for its seventh year in 2007.

McLEOD’S DAUGHTERS will gallop onto screens Wednesday, February 7 at 7.30pm with the return of some familiar faces and the introduction of some hot new characters.

This season, welcomes two new cast members Matt Passmore (Last Man Standing) and Abi Tucker (Secret Life of Us). Matt Passmore plays Marcus who arrives at Killarney with a big secret, while Abi Tucker plays Grace, Regan’s (Zoe Naylor) estranged sister.

In May 2007, McLEOD’S DAUGHTERS will film its 200th episode with some surprise cast members returning to Drovers Run for this special event.

In the series return episode, it’s shearing time at Drovers Run, the weather is perfect and the girls are keen to get their first day started.

However, Jodi’s (Rachael Carpani) day is thrown into chaos when Matt (Jonny Pasvolsky) suddenly returns. Finally free of his assumed identity, he has travelled back with plans to rekindle his relationship with Jodi.

Yet their reunion is complicated by her feelings for Riley (Dustin Clare) and the two men are soon in competition for Jodi’s attention.

Regan has her hands full with young tear-away Tayler (Gillian Alexy) as she tries to cover for her mistakes and provocations. To make things worse Tayler then steals the shearing money and takes off with Stevie’s (Simmone Jade MacKinnon) ute.

When Alex (Aaron Jeffery) stops Tayler from leaving town, Regan decides to offer her forgiveness to Tayler and welcomes her into the Drover’s circle.

While a moment of thoughtless rivalry between Riley and Matt causes a serious accident. Leaving them both trapped in danger of being electrocuted, while a fire threatens to burn down the shearing shed.

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