Filming gets underway on ABC’s new drama Rain Shadow

Filming commenced this week in Mount Barker, South Australia, for the new ABC TV/Southern Star Entertainment production Rain Shadow, starring Rachel Ward and Victoria Thaine.

The six-part series is set in the dry land farming community of Paringa where the district vet Kate McDonald (Rachel Ward) is battling to keep her community afloat in the face of an unrelenting drought. Forced by necessity Kate hires a new veterinary assistant Jill Blake (Victoria Thaine).

Kate is cranky, difficult to get along with, and to date, has gone through a string of assistants. Jill is her last chance of getting the help she needs. Feisty, defiant and with a passion to get to the truth, Jill has set her herself the task of succeeding under any conditions.

However, Paringa needs the services of both Kate and Jill, and somehow these opinionated women must find a way to work together to battle against the conditions that threaten the very life of their community.
Faced with silence and suspicion, Jill soon finds out the Paringa farming community has a secret which Kate and the farmers are anxious to keep hidden. Jill also becomes aware that Kate has a dark secret of her own.

“The relationship between these two women is at the heart of Rain Shadow. As the novice vet with high hopes and new ideas struggles to understand her strange new environment, and a boss who seems impossible to please, we enter a world where animals are a livelihood and hard decisions often need to be made,” says Miranda Dear, ABC Executive Producer.

Rain Shadow features an exceptional Australian cast including, Gary Sweet, Carmel Johnson, Nathaniel Dean, Heather Mitchell, Kim Knuckey, Shane Withington, Tom O’Sullivan, Jamie Harding, Michaela Cantwell, Nathin Butler, Grant Piro and Panda Likoudis.

Rain Shadow is being filmed in a ‘rain shadow’ on the west side of the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. The landscape, the dirt, dust, and dying lands are all a true reflection of a rural community affected by the drought and the meteorological phenomenon.

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