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Foxtel: Game of Thrones Season Five opener breaks record for Pay TV audience

It seems HBO’s plan to “unleash” the fifth season of Game of Thrones at the same time worldwide to try and cut back on illegal downloads has also paid off handsomely for Foxtel who garnered the biggest ever audience in Australian TV history with the hugely anticipated season opener.

A combined, cumulative audience of 553,000 Foxtel viewers tuned in to the showings yesterday, the first of which went out at 11.00am inline with the HBO broadcast and that of 170 other broadcasters around the world. 242,000 tuned in for that with another 311,000 tuning in for the prime time showing at 7.30pm.

It gives lie to the fact somewhat that people don’t want to pay to see their favourite shows it clearly being more of a case that they don’t want to wait.

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