Game of Thrones costume secrets unveiled

For a TV show centred around dragons, sword fights and the political machinations of the medieval Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, it’s perhaps surprising that anyone cares about the clothes on Game of Thrones. But such is the cult status of the series -which returns to Sky Atlantic tomorrow – that even the costumes have become fetishised.

Designer Manish Arora sent warrior princesses walking down the catwalk as the Game of Thrones theme tune played last year and Madonna once called the show’s producers to ask to borrow Daenerys’s dress for a fancy dress party. “We couldn’t believe it was really her at first and as we weren’t filming, someone had to scuttle around and find the dress,” Game of Thrones costume director Michele Clapton tellsThe Telegraph of their star enquiry. “When she sent it back, she included a sweet note saying, ‘My son worships this dress more than I’ve ever known anyone worship something before’.”

The secret item Daenerys always wears

Clapton – who has designed costumes for the last five series of Game of Thrones – believes that the costumes have such resonance because they are so much part of the plot. “I love the fact that you can have a sub story going on because the costume is telling you so much that words aren’t saying at that moment,” she says, citing the fact that Daenerys always wears hidden trousers and boots under her dresses. “There’s always a fear in her that she will have to leave so it gives her the freedom to always escape and run. If she had silly shoes on she’d lose all her strength.”

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