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Game of Thrones: Home S6 Ep2 Images

This season, we’re finally getting answers, but we’re going to have to stay north of The Wall to get ’em. Thanks to the return to the Realm of Bran Stark after a season away, things are opening up on Game of Thrones in new and exciting directions, wrapping up storylines that have long seemed disparate and unconnected or shrouded in mystery and hearsay. In these new images HBO’s sent through, we get a wee look at what episode two, “Home,” might focus on—and it’s all very northern-focused

The images—which you can see in the gallery below—focus largely on Bran’s cohorts, featuring a sullen-looking Meera Reed (possibly/maybe Jon Snow’s twin sister?!). But it also looks like another return, that of House Greyjoy, will also occur this episode, with Yara Greyjoy featured prominently (and menacingly) alongside her father Balon Greyjoy in another image.

Source: Nerdist

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