Game of Thrones: Jon Snow is alive – official

It’s finally clear that Jon Snow has known something all along – that he is definitely not dead and will be playing a major part in season six of the HBO show Game of Thrones when it returns in April.

The official Twitter feed for the show posted the picture above with a one word caption saying “April” which is when the series is expected to return.

Snow, whom many believe to be the real hero of both the series and the books, was apparently left for dead at the end of season five, stabbed multiple times and branded a traitor by his own men of the Night’s Watch after he allowed the Wildlings from beyond the wall safe passage.

Speculation has been rife since the season ended but most fans believed that Kit Harrington, who plays Jon Snow, would still be part of the show, indeed it has been increasingly difficult for the production team to keep things secret. Harrington was photographed arriving in Northern Ireland where part of the series is filmed and was also spotted during the filming of an epic battle scene.

With a whole year between season though it’s been a brilliant way of keeping up anticipation for season six.

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