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Nigella Lawson back to basics for new BBC show

Nigella Lawson is planning  a return to a more simplistic style of cooking in her new BBC show.

The Daily Telegraph reports Nigella is returning to the BBC for a new series of cookery shows, featuring “pared-down” philosophy and light recipes to de-stress.

It will be her first appearance on the channel since Nigellissima in 2012, following a tumultuous few years in her personal life and a foray into US television.

Simply Nigella, a television series tied in to her new cookery book, will see her find a “true sense of balance between lightness and lushness”.

The new series is likely to feature fewer shots of heavy, indulgent meals – along with now-famous shots of Nigella seductively enjoying them -and more light dishes and breezy delivery to suit a modern audience.

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