Outlander: Caitriona and Sam answer fan questions in new video

Outlander stars Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan have made an appearance in a new video from Starz, as part of promo for the second season, answering fan questions ranging from who is late to the set the most and how difficult was the Scottish weather when it came to filming.

You don’t deal, you endure,” Balfe said. “In fact coming to Los Angeles…we have the Scottish weather here. It seems to follow us around,” Heughan added. It was apparently raining “terribly” in the city while they were making the video.

Another fan wanted to know if Heughan would cut all his hair “Kit Harington style” after “Outlander” TV series completes filming. Many Game of Thrones fans were keenly following Harington’s hairstyle and saw his long hair as an indication that his character was coming back on the show. Harington was contractually obligated to keep his hair long for the show.

“Yes! I would love to cut my hair. I think it’s an integral part of Jamie,” Heughan said. “Sounds like a touchy subject,” Balfe teased her fellow cast member. “No no no…maybe it still come to pass,” Heughan responded.

Sources: IBT and YouTube


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