Outlander Season 2: Sam teases the honeymoon may be over

Is the ardour of romance cooling for Jamie and Claire in Outlander’s second season. It may just be – if you listen to Sam Heughan that is.

The newlyweds were hot and heavy during season one, but the pair will cool their passion as season 2 gets underway.

Between marriage, pregnancy, and emotional trauma, it seems Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire’s (Caitriona Balfe) more sensual encounters have been put on hold.”Well, now they’re married,” Heughan told Elle.

“Claire is pregnant, and Jamie is suffering from the trauma of season one and what happened to him at the end. So their relationship is in a very strange place now. The honeymoon is kind of over.”

It will be interesting, if that is the case, how the fan base reacts to the change. It’s the intensity of Jamie and Claire’s love that draws a lot of fans in.

Outlander’s second season premieres on Starz in April.

Source: Enstarz‎ and Elle

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