Poldark: Aidan on award winning and Ruby Bentall talks body image

The major news over the last few days has been the National Television Awards which saw Poldark miss out on best drama to Doctor Foster, meanwhile Aidan Turner did manage to win the “impact” award of the year for his topless scything scene.

Speaking of the win Turner said he is “delighted” but “confused” about winning the Impact Award at Britain’s National Television Awards on Wednesday night over his infamous scythe wielding scene in the period drama.

The award made reference the great impact (to put it mildly) he has had on audiences in the BBC show playing Ross Poldark.


Also at the awards Aidan told The Sun that “We start shooting the 3rd series I believe in September. Oh no! I’m going to be in trouble! It’s possible we’re not doing that.” Although nothing has been confirmed a third series is a pretty much given so September will be a likely start date.

More awards talk with Aidan came from TV Daily where he revealed what his mum thinks about his rise to fame and where he is going to keep his award:

How has your family reacted to your rise to fame? AT: Mum’s proud! She’s dead proud, she’s proud of everything I do. I’ve never really asked her though, like ‘what do you think of this?’. She’s just proud of her boy, you know.

Where are you going to keep the trophy? AT: I don’t know, where’s a good place for a trophy? Is it a bathroom job? Yeah, that says it all, doesn’t it?!

Meanwhile Ruby Bentall has been speaking to BBC Sports body positive strand: The BBC’s production of Poldark might be most famous for its topless portrayal of the main protagonist, but one cast member says “perfect is boring” when it comes to body image.

Ruby Bentall plays Ross Poldark’s cousin Verity. Despite a hugely successful career, including parts in Jekyll and Hide and Lost in Austen, Ruby says she’s still told not to apply for certain roles because of the way she looks.

“I work in an industry obsessed with looks”, she says. “Everyone’s obsessed with looking identical, like weird clones”.


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