The Biggest Loser Families: Daniel Jofre wins Grand Finale after losing over 50 kilos

Daniel Jofre has taken out this season’s Biggest Loser title after shedding more than 50 kilos on the Channel 10 series. 24 year old Daniel was the youngest contestant this year and beat out his two older brothers in the finale to be crowned overall winner.

Daniel’s total weightloss was 51.6 kilos and his final weight was 80.4 kilos. The Melbourne based Jofre also walked away with $100,000 in prize money.

Jofre said of the victory “I am extremely proud of being crowned The Biggest Loser for 2015. I am equally proud of my family and the fact that we were able to start and finish this incredible journey together as a family.”

The Jofre family also walked away with $100,000 to share for winning the family title for most weight lost overall.

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