The Block: Now It’s Steve Vs Producers

One of the contestants on this season of The Block Fans V Faves has been less than happy with the way he has been portrayed on the show believing that the producers are trying to make him look “mentally deficient”. Steve O’Donnell took to Facebook to claim that the show is being selectively edited big time saying “I want to keep track of this as it looks like its (sic) getting out of hand and I can’t remember every fabrication… My memory of the bs is finite.”

Meanwhile executive producer Julian Cress responded with a quote to Australian TV blog TV Tonight saying “I believe I have a duty of care to all the contestants on The Block and I’m not about to enter into a public slanging match with one of them. That’s not how we do things on The Block.”

Being a fan of the show surely Steve should already have realised before now that the show is all about the editing!

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