Voice Of Snooker Whispering Ted Lowe Dies

We were saddened to hear of the death this week of 90 years old “Whispering” Ted Lowe, the man whose hushed tension filled tones did much to revitalise the game of snooker in the UK.

Lowe, whose health had been slowly deteriorating, went into a hospice a week ago. Ted became a hugely important figure in snooker beginning his career as a commentator on the radio in the 1940’s. He first came to major prominence in 1969 though as the host of BBC2’s Pot Black, the success of which led to the BBC making snooker a major television sport throughout the seventies and eighties, always with Lowe casting his knowledgable eye over proceedings.

Former player and co-commentator John Virgo said ‘he was wonderful, he had an impish sense of humour and while cricket had its John Arlott and Wimbledon had its Dan Maskell, we had Ted Lowe. He was one of the BBC greats. It’s a sad day for snooker.

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