War and Peace: James Norton – Don’t call me Darcy

War and Peace is still generating the column inches, not least James Norton’s recent appearance on the Jonathan Ross show.

On the show, talking about publicity he said “Phwoar and Peace, you can’t really pay attention to it, I don’t think.” James went on to say: “There was a lot of talk before we even did the show about the character being the Russian Darcy and I was like, ‘Thanks’ to [writer] Andrew Davies who described him as that because the pressure is already there…”

Meanwhile he also revealed that Lily James likes to listen to Whitney Houston with him to help prepare for their romantic scenes. “In between takes Lily loves listening to Whitney Houston so when you have these romantic moments she comes over and goes, ‘James, listen to Whitney’.It changes the mood a little bit.”

Also on the Jonathan Ross Norton revealed his past as children’s entertainer and the birthday parties that he performed at “I did them when I was at drama school to keep myself financially. I did games. I still do them now for friends.”

Sources: Daily Express (Jonathan Ross), Daily Mirror (Whitney),

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